Eco Fab is a sustainable footwear concept proposing to eliminate petroleum based materials and replace them with biodegradable materials. Reducing the current manufacturing processes and using Eco - friendly material will greatly reduce the environmental impact. Many shoe companies are becoming transparent with the consumers on the impacts, however, there aren’t too many shoes that were developed, focused in such matters.



Eco Fab shoe is made of minimal materials, bamboo tweed, bamboo fabric, and natural rubber.  These three natural materials are tested to be good enough comfort for daily activities. Colors used in the shoe are natural dyes without using petroleum based substances.



Redesigned shoe box is exactly half the size of the current shoe box, while extra laces that come with the shoes can turn into a handle, so you can carry the box without an extra plastic bag. The Eco Fab shoe box eliminates stuffing paper and plastic bags used at retail stores. Also, ink used in packaging is greatly reduced in comparison to the methods that are currently being used.