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HP PAVILION X360 (2016-17)

HP Pavilion X360 is my first design to get mass produced. During the middle of my internship, I was responsible for designing HP's Pavilion laptop and Pavilion X360 laptop, as well as participating to design premium laptops and detachables (Spectre and Envy line-ups). 



For Pavilion x360, it was critical to push progressive design language from previous models. There was a lot of effort into getting the hinge to right detail when it is closed, opened, and when flipped 360 degrees for tablet mode. 

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Instead of having a nice flat gradient, we wanted to physically make a gradient by wrapping threads on a piece of black cardboard, and it was the beginning of HP's own electric gradient. Mixture of two colors in similar tone and a highlight formed a gradient that is quiet refreshing and unique from what we see everyday. After the exploration, concept was transferred to digital and delivered to the CMF team for further refinement.

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HP signed a collaboration with Bang & Olufsen during the time I was present. I was able to work with this premium audio company and see how to implement their unique speaker hole patterns into all HP laptop line-ups, Pavilion, Envy, and Spectre.


The 360 degree geared hinge gets you in the perfect position to work, watch, play and go.